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as a holistic approach

Our contribution to a sustainable future

We cherish this place with all its resources and see it as our responsibility to treat it and the people who stay here with respect.

We define sustainability as an overall topic, for all decisions we make. This is shown on one hand in the regional focus on our products, through self-initiated local social actions as well as open minded for new challenges and its solution.

Meaningful values

The Jagdhof values are the basis for all our actions. They are our guideline to which we orientate ourselves in order to combine entrepreneurial management with social responsibility for our guests and employees as well as environmentally conscious actions.


We see the challenge in change and realignment. In order for us to build up trust with our guests, employees, fellow humans and business partners, we rely on transparency. True to the motto “Do good and share!” We clearly put on transparent communication to promote candor, honesty and integrity.


For us, responsibility in sustainability means being aware that human activities have an impact on the environment and on future generations. In order to minimize or avoid these impacts, we reduce waste, save energy and resources in a targeted manner wherever possible, set on regional products and include social and economic aspects in our decisions.


Esteem in sustainability for us means respecting and valuing natural resources, the creation and the people who live in it. Especially as a  host and employer, we are about recognizing and promoting the individuality and inimitability of each person and achievements, and giving our teams the opportunity to fully develop their skills and talents.

Our goal is also to promote a positive attitude and awareness for the importance and value of environment and its unlasting resources.


For us, development in sustainability is about promoting a long-range and positive change. This includes a variety of actions and strategies aimed at preserving natural resources and improving livability by conserving resources and reducing wasteful consumption, as well as creating jobs in line with sustainable principles. Efficiency in the economic aspect for the profitability of our corporate management, is also an important consequence for us within the framework of these measures.

For us, development also means learning from each other: that is why we cultivate regular exchanges as well as networking with people who are like-minded, in order to gain and give new perspectives and thought-provoking impulses and to promote synergies.


We are convinced that an authentic sustainability strategy should be based on honest and credible data and information. For us, the secret of a long-term sustainable perspective lies in creating trust and credibility through authentic and transparent actions.

In this way, we regularly elicit not only our strengths but also our potential for improvement in order to identify weaknesses and develop solutions.

Sustainability requires a holistic approach that includes environment, society and the economy. Here we recognize our responsibility to be considerate and mindful in our actions and thus make our contribution to a long-term and sustainably oriented future.

Our measures

We opt for meaningful values in our corporate culture and practice deepening and living the holistic approach a little more every day.


Sustainable products

  • Regional products such as Henndorfer juices & in-house honey
  • Water from the Gaisberg spring in the MiniMarkt
  • On-farm fishing
  • Organic cosmetics from the Austrian Pieper Biokosmetik Manufaktur
  • Felt products
  • Leather placemats made from recycled car seats
  • FSC® certified paper backpacks from Papero

Resource efficiency

  • Waste reduction
  • Avoiding printouts as much as possible
  • SuitePad (digital guest folder)
  • Adjusted hotel linen and number of towels
  • Detergent concentrates according to exact requirements
  • Wood chip plant (which covers 80% of our current heat demand)
  • Saving electricity through increased use of LEDs

Social sustainability

  • Social commitment in the region such as team blood donation and campaigns for good causes
  • Establishment of an employer branding concept incl. measures such as:
    • Business plan preparation incl. needs of Generation Z
    • Dissolution of all-in contracts
    • A 6th week of holiday in 2023 for all
    • Free in-house German courses
    • Regular appreciation moments from & for employees
    • Employee-friendly working time models and, if possible, home office
    • An in-house sustainability team
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