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Deep snow

Snow shoe hiking in the Lake Fuschl region

Hiking on snow shoes through the Salzburg mountains

Anyone who enjoys leaving big trails has come to the right place in the Salzkammergut region! You will don snow shoes to hike through wild and beautiful nature, far from the beaten tracks. At the heart of the Salzburg mountains, you will arrive in the here and now and fully enjoy the new trend sport of snow shoeing. Although ‘new’ is a little misleading here. Snow shoe hiking can look back on a long and rich tradition in Salzburg and the whole Alpine region. Originally conceived as a means of crossing the deep snow of Alpine passes, it has since become a favourite pastime of mountain and winter enthusiasts.

A genuine insider tip: snow shoe hiking around Lake Fuschl

You will feel a sense of pervasive calm as the snowflakes drift gently down from the sky. A silent observer of the winter spectacle, you hike through the snow leaving broad footprints in your wake. And you are rewarded with a stunning view of the mountain vista in the Salzkammergut region. Guests with their own snow shoes should definitely bring them along on holiday and trudge through the endless white of untouched paths around Lake Fuschl.

A successful blend of a ski tour and a hike

Learning the technique feels almost like walking, but the physical effect is more similar to a ski tour. And while you are distracted by the mountain feeling and the incredible landscape, your body is working hard. Almost unnoticed, snow shoe hiking exercises 90% of your muscles, promotes fat burning, strengthens your immune system and helps to reduce stress. Combined with the fresh air, the moderate endurance training also has positive effects on your cardiovascular system.

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